Fruit weigher PSE21


In the food industry, it is crucial to perform a reliable and accurate weighing process to ensure the quality of the product being sold. To achieve this, a receiving hopper is used where the fruits and vegetables are poured, which are extracted and elevated by means of two roller conveyors.

The conveyors organize the fruits in four rows, one by one, synchronized with a line of buckets that collect the product at the highest point of the journey. In the weighing area, a high-precision load cell measures the weight of each cuvette.

An advanced algorithm performs an associative calculation to select the buckets that must be unloaded on one of the four available output belts, according to the programmed target weight. If none of the output belts is selected, the bucket returns and pours the part at the beginning of the cycle, until it finds a combination with it.

The optimization of the weighing process is achieved by memorizing the most suitable parameters in the computer, which can be easily recovered to adjust the process according to production needs. It should be noted that the use of advanced technology not only improves the precision of the product, but also increases efficiency and reduces costs associated with the production process.

Fruit weigher PSE21


This weighing system is highly efficient and has many outstanding features in its field. In addition to having the capacity to weigh fruits from 40 to 110 mm in diameter, the system uses a dynamic weighing system with a carousel with 4 rows of buckets, achieving a productivity of up to 60 weighings per minute, which makes it ideal for the food industry with large production volumes.

The team provides exceptional treatment to the fruit, maintaining the quality of the product throughout the weighing process. With 4 output belts available, it is possible to feed up to 4 seamers simultaneously, further increasing the efficiency of the process.

The system has a weight range of 500g to 5kg, making it suitable for weighing a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. In addition, the system automatically adapts to the size of the fruit, ensuring accurate and reliable weighing.

It is possible to incorporate into the PSE21 our patented system of intermediate hoppers between the mobile bowl and the output canvas (PSE21-T). This system allows to increase the performance of the weigher by 25% and reduces the rejection of fruit by over 90%.


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