CAM21 Mesh seamer

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Ideal for those looking for an efficient way to pack their products. This solution consists of a traditional mesh container that is closed with metal clips at the ends, which makes it very safe and resistant.

In addition, this packaging provides excellent visibility, allowing consumers to clearly see what is inside the package, which can be especially beneficial for fresh produce.

Other important advantages of this system are its great productivity, ease of use and speed of assembly. Large quantities can be packed in a short period of time. This can help reduce production costs and increase the overall efficiency of the operation.

Last but not least, this system allows you to work with biodegradable type mesh as well, which means that it is not only a low cost option, but also an environmentally friendly solution.

CAM21-S Mesh seamer

Tagged mar-clip

The mar-clip labeling kit is an innovative concept that is revolutionizing the world of packaging in the sector. Instead of using traditional tie-clip systems, this packaging presents an attractive, modern and elegant alternative.

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the mar-clip system is its label stapled on both sides, which can have different shapes and dimensions to adapt to the communication needs of the brand.

This customization, which accepts all types of labels and sizes, can make the product stand out from the competition, creating a surprising effect and providing a notable distinction between other similar systems that do not allow it. Print direct thermal and thermotransfer.

Another important advantage of the mar-clip system is the saving of ribbon. Thanks to its intelligent design, this system is able to constantly save printing material to reduce material costs and increase production efficiency.


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